Vitality of the Swiss Alps!


Original Swiss Quality and Ingenuity Since 1922

The Swiss family business DOMACO Dr. med. Aufdermaur AG is one of the most modern sweet manufacturers in Switzerland today.People all around the globe love and enjoy the unique natural taste of VITALP herbal sweets and teas produced using the 20 herbs recipe that dates back to 1922. Thanks to VITALP’s excellent knowledge of herbs, its traditional recipes, and its constantly evolving range of products, VITALP is seen by its partners and customers as a trustworthy source of quality, innovation and tradition. The greatest care in the harvesting of herbs and fruits and gentle processing ensure that the beneficial strength of nature is preserved in every one of VITALP’s products.

This guiding principle —followed in every branch of the company throughout its history— is the foundation of VITALP’s world-class quality and market acceptance around the globe. The highest standard possible in products for improving vitality and well-being. Naturally Swiss.