Vitality of the Swiss Alps!


Egg-tapping competition


Green, yellow, orange, purple, blue or red? Which egg's gonna win the game? For everyone who don't know what egg-tapping is: You tap 2 eggs against each other. The egg which stays undamaged makes it to the next round. Among all egg experts who made a correct tip we're going to raffle one easter surprise. Guess with us until the 4th of April 2017. Send your tips via Facebook or to the following e-Mail address, keyword "easter competition": info (at)

Terms and conditions / legal notices:

Entitled to participate at the competition are People living in Switzerland, except employees of Domaco Dr. med. Aufdermaur AG and legally associated companies. The winner will be informed via Facebook in writing. There will be no correspondence regarding the competition. Cash payment and legal process are excluded. The participation on the raffle is Independent from any order or purchase. Prizes, which refer to the participation of the Vitalp competition are applicable to the participating Person and are not to be transferred to third Party People. By participating at the Vitalp competition the participant agrees terms and conditions.