Vitality of the Swiss Alps!


The story of success

How it all began
In 1922, the country doctor and apothecary Dr. Aufdemaur from the Swiss canton of Zürich discovered the unique healing power of natural herbs, and with true pioneering spirit and expert dedication he began in-house production of tablets. He then used these self-produced tablets to successfully treat conditions such as coughs and hoarseness in his patients, thus laying the foundation for the Swiss family business DOMACO Dr. med. Aufdemaur AG. The name DOMACO stands for DO = Doctor, M = med., A = Aufdemaur, CO = Company.

In 1962, Alfons Meier took charge of the company and developed the “20 herbs with honey” sweets, still known and loved today. His entrepreneurship and innovation made it possible to develop the process for transforming dried and unadulterated herbal blends into granules that DOMACO has used ever since. In this way the world’s first instant teas were born. Currently, the company is managed by Silvia Huber, who together with her family and more than 200 employees continues developing her vision and product ideas for a wide range of markets around the world.

These herbal sweets and instant herbal teas were produced and sold under the brand name DOMACO until the end of the 1980s. In 1988, the brand VITALP was founded and placed at the forefront of the business.