Vitality of the Swiss Alps!


A revolutionary invention

To mark today's astronomical start to summer, we are pleased to introduce you to our various refreshing Ice Tea product concepts in the Instant Drinks range. Let's first take a look back into the history of the instant process. With his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength, our company founder Alfons Meier invented the process of processing dried herbs and turning them into a soluble form in 1964. The process of instantization is revolutionary and decisive for market success. Thus "Natural Hightech" is created through the secret of traditional family recipes. Constant further development leads to the launch of the first instantly soluble children's teas made from pure herbs and fruits in 1972 - a product concept that is still successful worldwide today. The now very popular cold drink - Ice Tea, invented and developed by Domaco in 1974 - became a new trend for the whole family and is by the way also the preferred Ice Tea of the Swiss Armed Forces. Easy-to-take, refreshing, thirst quenching and delicious on top!

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